The green Matcha and mint - 250ml

The green Matcha and mint - 250ml

  • When hair is exposed to things like the sun, wind, pollutants, heat, and chemicals, the proteins can break down. If your hair is chemically treated with color, relaxers, or straighteners or if you use heated styling tools, your hair is more susceptible to damage. This damage causes hair to lose elasticity and become dry and brittle. Over time, this may cause breakage.
  • Matcha and mint repair mask re-energizes tired, damaged hair; encourages thickness and volume; fills in porous hair with rich proteins. if you have colored your hair or exposed it to harsh chemicals.
  • Your hair needs a protein treatment. Matcha and mint repair mask rebuilds hair from the cuticle layer, replacing missing nutrients and adding proteins for strength. If your hair is damaged, this is the dose you need.
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