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Frequently Asked Questions


If you live in the Johannesburg or Preteria area you can expect to receive your order within an hour. If you live anywhere else in South Africa, you can expect to receive your order within 24 hours.

No. We offer a discreet delivery service and will not give any details about the contents of your package.

No. We offer a discreet delivery service and will not list any details about where you bought your order.

Yes, we will confirm the dispatch of your order after payment is settled and we will provide you with a tracking number once dispatched.

Unfortunately not. At this time we are only able to deliver within South Africa.

Due to the nature of our products we cannot accept returns unless we sent you the wrong items, and the products are unopened and the packaging is completely in tact. We urge you to please check your order as soon as your receive it. We cannot accept returns for opened items. If we sent you an incorrect order, please contact us within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a rejected refund request. We will advise you on how to return the items when you contact us. If you live in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area we may be able to collect the items.

HIV Test

We will use a courier service to deliver your HIV test kit directly to your door. We do not use the postal service. To ensure discretion and privacy, we will never mark the packaging with details of the contents.

No. We strongly recommend that you seek counseling both before and after taking the self-test and regardless of your test result whether negative or positive. Counseling beforehand will give you guidance and education about the test, and it will also help prepare you for whatever result you do receive. Counseling after your test, whether tested negative or positive, will help you deal with the trauma if tested positive and give you advice about your treatment options. If tested negative, counseling will advise your behaviour modification to prevent a positive test in future.

You can contact the National AIDS Helpline on 080 001 2322 which will answer all your questions and will assist with counseling both before and after your self-test.

  1. Individually packed test cards
  2. Plastic dropper
  3. Sample diluent
  4. Safety lancet
  5. Alcohol swab
  6. Package insert


Important note: These are all single-use items. Do not reuse, and please dispose responsibly after use.

  1. Bring all components to room temperature.
  2. Clean finger with alcohol swab.
  3. Remove cap from the safety lancet.
  4. Place white end of lancet against finger.
  5. Press the lancet firmly against finger until a click is heard.
  6. Draw up blood into plastic pipette.
  7. Deliver one drop of blood into the well marked “S”.
  8. Add 2 drops of the sample diluent into the well marked “D”.
  9. Wait for 15 minutes to interpret the results.


Important note: If someone is doing the test for you (eg. Your partner), please make sure that they are protected by wearing gloves and that they do not come into contact with your blood.

The test detects specific antibodies in your blood sample, not actual HIV, and this is what produces the second line (the T line) if positive. When there is something harmful in your body, your immune system starts to produce antibodies, each of which are unique. This self-test detects the unique antibodies produced by HIV.

You will have to wait 15 minutes until the test will reveal an accurate result.

If HIV positive, a purple coloured line will appear next to C and T (i.e. Two lines), it may be a bit lighter in T based on the number of antibodies present. If you see this result, you must please confirm the accuracy of the test result with a qualified physician and seek counseling. You may call the National AIDS Helpline on 080 001 2322 for counseling and to answer all of your questions.

HIV Negative: A purple coloured line will appear next to C only (i.e. One line).

Test Invalid: No lines will appear or the purple line will appear next to T only, the test is invalid you will need to use a new kit and retest.


The test is reliable, but it is only a screening test. We insist that all positive results must be confirmed by a physician using an alternate method.  Certain medications and medical conditions may affect the accuracy of the test result and therefore should be confirmed by a qualified medical practitioner.

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests are designed to tell if your urine or blood contains a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced right after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of a woman’s uterus. The pregancy test will detect the levels of hCG to determine a positive or negative result.

After taking the test, you usually have to wait only about 5-10 minutes.

For the most reliable result, wait to take the test until one week after your missed period. Then the test is usually very accurate, but you should always confirm the result with a doctor who will administer a blood test. Blood tests are more sensitive to the hCG hormone and thus are more accurate in the early stages of pregnancy.

Usually about two weeks after conception. The pregnancy test needs to detect the hCG hormone in order to show a positive result, and there is usually a high enough hCG level in urine two weeks after conception.