Omega Swirl, Fish Oil Mango Peach 720mg Liquid


Nutrition That Tastes Like Dessert!

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The Delicious:

Creamy, delicious smoothie-like taste and texture that even the pickiest kids (of all ages) love
No hard-to-swallow pills or oily texture
Mixes easily into smoothies, yogurt or oatmeal
Great over yogurt or ice cream
Seriously delicious right off the spoon!

Try it once and you’ll never go back to standard pills or oils.

Clinical Applications:
• Cognitive support
• Joint Mobility & Bone Density
• Skin, Hair & Nail Health
• Sexual and Hormonal Health
• Cardiovascular support
• Healthy Cholesterol Levels
• Healthy Blood Glucose
• Eye Health – Visual Acuity
• Energy & Endurance
• Immune support


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