Aunt Jackie’s Value Moisture Combo (with Aunt Jackie free T-shirt)

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“All purchased Auntie Jackie’s Combos come with a Free T-Shirt”


Perfect for moisturizing your hair.
This combo includes the following Auntie Jackie products:

Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard 430ml
Aunt Jackie’s Quench Moisture Intensive Leave-in Conditioner 355ml
Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo 355ml

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Aunt Jackie’s™. Curls & coils. For natural curls, coils & waves. Defining curl custard. Sulfate-free/paraben-free/no mineral oil/no petrolatum. Enriched with Shea-butter & olive oil. Say goodbye to frizz, unruly curls and lifeless coils. Define, shape and control curls, waves, coils and braid-outs, while adding moisture, shine and natural conditioning.

Directions: On clean, towel-dried or dampened hair, squeeze into hands, rub palms together and apply throughout the hair. gently comb through starting at the ends, working up to the roots. Do not force the comb through knots and excessively tangled hair. Apply more, as needed and comb through small sections of hair until completely untangled. Style as usual.

Curl La La Defining Curl Custard
Directions: apply generously to wet or dry hair. Gently massage into scalp and work through hair from roots to ends. Style as desired. For tight scrunchy curls or coils, blow dry hair on a light setting with a diffuser. For elongated, stretchy, bouncy curls or waves, apply and then finger style hair into place while blow drying on a light setting, or allow hair to air dry.

Oh So Clean Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo
Directions: thoroughly wet hair and work in a generous amount of shampoo, gently massaging into hair and scalp. Do not vigorously shampoo. Gently work into a lather, cleansing hair as needed. Thoroughly rinse lather from hair until all traces of shampoo are removed. To best ensure that dirt and particles lifted from scalp have rinsed clear, repeat. After shampooing, for best results condition hair with Aunt Jackie’s in control moisturizing & softening conditioner.


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