Booty Luscious Cream 250ml


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Herbal Booty Cream

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Booty Luscious Cream made with the finest natural organic ingredients. Designed to Moisturize and Nourishing to the Skin.


Massage Booty Luscious cream into the hip and buttock area for a fuller, rounder figure.

1 review for Booty Luscious Cream 250ml

  1. Tumi

    Hello…… I have been thinking about this bootyliciois cream so I just want to ask if I start to use it and works perfectly for me then I decide to stop using it will the results of the cream also perish?

    • kingonline_co

      Hi Tumi, thank you for your comment. The results will not perish when you stop using the cream. However, you will have to gradually stop the use of the cream. It has to be gradual. You could reduce the frequency of applying the cream. You could start from twice a day to once a day, then reduce to every second day and then twice a week till you stop.

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