Medico Hebs Circulation Spray 50ml


Natural Cadiovascular Aid for regulating high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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These herbs are used to improve the working capacity of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. It assist in the breakdown of fatty deposits in the blood vessels, dilates blood vessels to allow more blood to flow through. Thins blood, clears blockages and improves circulation. It strengthens without strain and normalizes the function of the heart. Circulation Spray is supplied in a convenient spray form, which is the most effective way of taking medicine. Just a quick spray! So easy to use and so effective. The circulation spray combined with Omega works well. It is better to use circulation spray to avoid the need of having to go on to take statins – which can have some nasty side effects.

– Remedy for high blood pressure
-Reduce Cholesterol
– Arteriosclerosis
– Palpitations
– Angina
– Strengthens the heart
– Improves Circulation
– Circulatory Tonic


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