Nashe Organics Coconut Hair Oil 100ml


Natural Hair oil

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Our Coconut Hair Oil is the same formula as our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 4 Hair. Just a different name under My Essentials Line because it is indeed one of those oils everyone must have to grow healthy beautiful hair. It is still made from Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil, infused with Castor Oil and Essential Oils. Did you know, Coconut oil is one of the few oils that actually mimics sebum which is the oil that is produced by our skin and scalp and has the duty of moisturizing and lubricating our hair. Now, those of us who have tightly coiled hair, the sebum has a hard time trying to get to the tips of our hair giving us dry brittle hair prone to chronic breakage. So, to make up for sebum deficiency on the tips of our hair, we need oils like Coconut oil to do the work for us. Apply Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 4 Hair to your hair as a pre-poo treatment, to seal moisture and just for good old shine to your hair. Available in 100 ml nozzle bottles.


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