Nashe Organics Wash Day Combo


This combo includes the following Nashe products:
1. Liquid African Black Soap
2. Shea Argan moisturising conditioner
3. Shea Argan Leave In Conditioning Styler

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Worth R290, this combo is all you need for a hustle free wash day. When you have these 3, you know your wash day is all set and all is well. Here is a step by step wash day process using only 3 products and water of course.

Step 1 – Detangle the hair
It’s always best to take out any knots or shed hair before washing the hair to prevent stubborn knots. To detangle your hair, section your hair into 4 or more sections depending on what is comfortable to work with at a time. Spray the hair with water and then apply Nashe Organics Shea Argan Leave-in conditioner to each section, Allow to sink in for a minute or more before you start detangling. This can be done using your fingers first before you use a detangling brush if at all. When your hair is all detangled, you are ready for washing.

Step 2 – cleanse with a gentle shampoo
Cleansing with a good quality, gentle shampoo is very important to get rid of all the dirt and build up that your hair may have. Our Nashe Organics Liquid African Black Soap is gentle enough not to dry out your hair and yet giving your scalp and hair a good cleanse. Apply the shampoo to your scalp and not your hair. Gently rub your scalp to loosen the dirt and buildup before rinsing thoroughly.

Step 3 – Apply conditioner.
It is important to condition your hair every time you wash it. African hair is generally dry and that makes it fragile and prone to breakage. To reduce dryness, always condition your hair after washing it. Apply Nashe Organics Shea Argan Moisturising Conditioner to the hair shaft. Not necessarily the scalp although even if it touches the scalp, there is no problem because there are no known irritants in the conditioner. Finger comb your hair while making sure every strand has some conditioner. You may continue finger detangling for 3 to 5 minutes, also allowing the conditioner to sink into your cuticle and really condition the hair. Rinse the conditioner out.

Step 4 – Apply leave in conditioner.
It is also very important to apply a leave in conditioner to keep your hair well conditioned until the next wash day. A good moisturising conditioner should allow you to detangle your hair with ease whether you are using your fingers or a detangling brush. And the Nashe Organics, Shea Argan Leave-in Conditioner is more than that. It’s packed with real Shea butter, Argan oil and actives that help make detangling natural hair a breeze. Because there is so much Shea butter and oils in the Shea Argan Leave-in conditioner, it can also be used as a styler. No need to use another product to seal. You can go ahead and use Nashe Organics, Shea Argan Leave-in Conditioner to do chunky braids, twists or style any way you would like to. Your natural hair journey will never be easier than this


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