Solgar Advanced Multibillion Dophilus Vegicaps (60)


Promotes the healthy functioning of the intestinal system

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Probiotics are essential maintaining healthy gut flora and general immune system health.  Our bodies need good bacteria to keep harmful pathogens (or bad bacteria) in check.  Also if the gut is not functioning correctly, nutrient absorption is badly affected.  Probiotics have been shown to inhibit candida growth within the digestive tract.  Digestion can also be aided by supplementing on this wonderful formula. Containing five strains of probiotics Solgar Advanced Multibillion Dophilus is designed to provide wonderful probiotics.  This amazing formula helps to regulate bowel movement and aids in maintaining gut health.  A wonderful source of L. acidophilus, B. lactis, L. paracasei and L. rhamnosus.  These beneficial microorganisms survive stomach acidity and naturally reside in the lower digestive tract. This product is also non-dairy.


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