Solgar Hawthorne Herb Extract Vegicaps (60)


Supports circulation due to vasodilatory properties which may in turn assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

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Hawthornes shrubs are found on hillsides and sunny wooded areas across the world.  The berries have wonderful properties.  Rich in flavonoids, hawthorne is a source of antioxidants and capable of scavenging free radical.  These free radicals may badly damage cells and cause serious problems in the body. The circulation system in the body may be greatly benefited by Solgar Hawthorne Herb Extract supplementation.  The flavonoids have a vasodilatory action (blood pumps through veins better).  They also have the ability to effect collagen in the body, this helps veins to be repaired and protected against damage.  Hypertension, angina and other heart conditions may be improved by the assistance of hawthorne.


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