Tlotsa Combo


This combo includes the following Tlotsa products:

  • Agave Herbal Jelly 250 g
  • Agave Herbal Cream 250 g
  • Tlotsa Glycerine 100ml


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Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream
is also enriched with crodex aloe extract, mineral oil and prickly pear.

Tlotsa Agave Herbal cream nourishes and revitalises your skin, leaving it silky soft, smooth and moisturised. It has the same active ingredients as the Tlotsa glycerine (aloe and prickly pear extracts).

Thus you can use:

To reduce dark marks (inner thighs, armpits, knuckles, knees, elbows) and blemishes.
It prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
To minimise inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
To brighten up your skin tone (It’s not a bleaching agent)
Smoothen your skin.
To reduces dark circles under eyes.

The Tlotsa herbal jelly
is rich in aloe and other mineral oils — which work to fight inflammation and maintain healthy skin and hair.

So what can you use the jelly for?

1.) Minimize eczema, psoriasis, sunburn or dermatitis
Tlotsa agave herbal jelly has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties which lessen the symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as eczema.

The jelly also helps the skin keep its moisture (a critical factor for dry skin conditions).

Aloe is also rich in antioxidants and minerals which help speed up healing.

2.) Promote Healthy Hair Growth
The Aloe Vera in the Tlotsa Agave herbal Jelly may help activate hair growth.

It can increase blood circulation to the scalp, thereby deliver several important vitamins and minerals.


FYI: Here ‘s a summarised list of Tlotsa glycerine uses:

It reduces stretch marks and blemishes.
You can use it to reduce dark marks (inner thighs, armpits, knuckles, knees, elbows).
Use it as an anti-ageing agent – it prevents the formations of wrinkles and fine lines.
For its anti-inflammatory properties – to minimise inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.
You can use it to brighten up your skin tone (It’s not a bleaching agent.)
By applying it daily, it will make your skin soft and smooth.
Last but not least, it can help to reduce dark circles under eyes (who want to look old, anyway?)

How to Use The Tlotsa Combo

Use the glycerin only to tone your skin after bathing at night.

During the day use the Tlotsa Agave lotion on the whole body. Once it has settled on your skin, you apply the vaseline on the whole body.

NB* DO NOT mix it with any other lotions or harsh products as their combinations may cause a skin reaction.

Use every day for best results as an aloe vera product is natural and healthy for skin especially in the Southern dry hemisphere.


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