Super Collagen Type 2 - 450g - Chicken

Sally Anne
Super Collagen Type 2 - 450g - Chicken

  • Chicken Collagen is type II collagen, whereas bovine is type I and III. They should not be mixed together as they will not be optimally absorbed, so they should be taken at different times of the day. The benefits of chicken collagen are as long as those for bovine – and some overlap, however if you have a joint problem, this would be a very good idea for you, and there are digestive benefits, immunity and skin benefits too. In fact it is the collagen of choice in medicines, usually for arthritic complaints as well as back and neck pain caused by surgery. All collagen is anti-inflammatory, but chicken collagen is especially good for fighting bone and joint-related pain due to the high levels of chondroitin and glucosamine present, which rebuild cartilage, and hyaluronic acid which draw water into the joints for lubrication.
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