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Peptan Collagen

  • Peptan contains type I collagen peptides, the same type as found in our bones and skin. Peptan is a high-purity, natural product, containing more than 97% protein (on a dry weight basis). Peptan is bioactive collagen peptides, their hydrolyzed form makes them easily digestible by humans. Peptan can support overall mobility and skin beauty.
  • Peptan is easy to use and is perfect for those of you looking for convenient, easily consumed and innovative delivery formats that can fit in with your daily routines.
  • Highly soluble in cold water. You can blend Peptan powder in any type of drink such as smoothies, dairy, and more.
  • Neutral in taste and odor. Peptan can be easily integrated into any kind of recipe you like.
  • Heat resistant. Whether it’s for adding in soup, hot chocolate or even for home-baked cake, you will enjoy the same health benefits.
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