Native Child Oil Combo


This combo includes 100% avocado oil (100ml), 100% grapeseed oil (100ml), 100% sweet almond oil and our cold-pressed castor oil, all excellent for nourishing hair, scalp and skin.

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Castor oil is a growth stimulant, and will help your hair grow healthy and long.

Avocado oil penetrates the hair strand, making it an ideal moisturizer. It can be added to conditioner, used in a hot oil treatment, or applied to damp hair to use as a conditioner.

Grapeseed oil is fantastic for body and hair. Very helpful with eczema, age spots and dehydrated skin. Can clear acne and dark spots. Combats dandruff, is a natural hair conditioner, improves hair strength and shine.

Sweet almond oil works great as a sealant, locking in moisture. Nourishes hair and prevent hair loss.


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