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Palesa Pads - Reusable sanitary towels (3-pack)Palesa Pads - Reusable sanitary towels (3-pack)

Palesa Pads – Reusable sanitary towels (3-pack)


Palesa Pads are reusable sanitary pads.

Benefits include fewer menstrual cramps, infections and skin rashes.

Palesa pads are environmentally friendly and last up to 5 years

Free Delivery for all orders over R500.00

National Delivery (1 – 2 days) : R60.00

Before 10a.m order, next day delivery. After 10a.m order, delivery 1-2 working days.

King Intimate Wet Wipes

King Intimate Wet Wipes


Forget the “Fresh Prince”. Look and feel like a “Fresh King” 24/7 with our comforting,
soothing Intimate Wet Wipes. A combination of trusted, non-irritating and non-scented
ingredients keep you at the top of your game – anywhere, anytime – without disrupting
your skin’s natural pH balance. King Online’s Intimate Wet Wipes are easy to use, locking
in moisture and leaving you feeling fresher than ever.

Mia Ultra Green(Long) 2L

Mia Ultra Green(Long) 2L


Mia Pads – Shaped for Comfort

To Women it Matters


Length / Size: Long Pads
Flow: Normal Flow
Absorbency: 4/7
Thickness: ULTRA Thin

Fragrance Free: Yes
Quick Absorption: Yes
Anti-Bacterial: Yes