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Palesa Pads - Reusable sanitary towels (3-pack)Palesa Pads - Reusable sanitary towels (3-pack)

Palesa Pads – Reusable sanitary towels (3-pack)


Palesa Pads are reusable sanitary pads.

Benefits include fewer menstrual cramps, infections and skin rashes.

Palesa pads are environmentally friendly and last up to 5 years

Free Delivery for all orders over R500.00

National Delivery (1 – 2 days) : R60.00

Before 10a.m order, next day delivery. After 10a.m order, delivery 1-2 working days.

King Intimate Wet Wipes

King Intimate Wet Wipes


Forget the “Fresh Prince”. Look and feel like a “Fresh King” 24/7 with our comforting,
soothing Intimate Wet Wipes. A combination of trusted, non-irritating and non-scented
ingredients keep you at the top of your game – anywhere, anytime – without disrupting
your skin’s natural pH balance. King Online’s Intimate Wet Wipes are easy to use, locking
in moisture and leaving you feeling fresher than ever.

Mia Ultra Green(Long) 2L

Mia Ultra Green(Long) 2L


Mia Pads – Shaped for Comfort

To Women it Matters


Length / Size: Long Pads
Flow: Normal Flow
Absorbency: 4/7
Thickness: ULTRA Thin

Fragrance Free: Yes
Quick Absorption: Yes
Anti-Bacterial: Yes

Mpower Menstrual CupMpower Menstrual Cup

Mpower Menstrual Cup


The Light Flow Mcup is recommended for first time menstrual cup users and women who have a light flow.

Capacity: 18 ml
Diameter: 39 mm
Length: 45 mm
Length incl stem: 60mm


The Standard Flow Mcup is recommended for women who have a moderate to heavy flow and are more comfortable inserting product.

Capacity: 27 ml
Diameter: 42mm
Length: 50 mm
Length incl stem: 65mm

Free Delivery for all orders over R500.00

National Delivery (1 – 2 days) : R60.00

Before 10a.m order, next day delivery. After 10a.m order, delivery 1-2 working days.





♥ 100% medical grade silicone
♥ FDA approved
♥ Suitable for women who have allergies & sensitive skin
♥ Leak-free for up to 12 hours
♥ Hypoallergenic = No toxic shock syndrome!
♥ Reusable = Environmentally friendly!
♥ Optimal pH levels remain intact within the body.
♥ Completely hygienic and 100% safe to use

How to use:

“Elle” meaning “she” in French, epitomises what it is to be a woman. `The struggles she endures and the hardships she faces. The Elle cup presents a sustainable solution for menstrual hygiene management- inspiring confidence; dignity to the lives of women around the world through a brand that has your best interest at heart.

Free Delivery for all orders over R500.00

National Delivery (1 – 2 days) : R60.00

Before 10a.m order, next day delivery. After 10a.m order, delivery 1-2 working days.

PinkCup Menstrual Cup

PinkCup Menstrual Cup


PinkCup Menstrual Cup Sizing
The PinkCup menstrual cup is available in two sizes. It is important to get the right size that fits you to prevent leakage and irritation.

Please see the sizing chart to assist you when deciding.

Sizing chart



Factors to be considered when choosing your size, sizing is based on flow, age, child bearing history.

Its advisable to use a Large cup if you have a heavy flow, regardless of other considerations. Additionally a Small cup should be used for a light flow, as long as the other considerations are taken into account.

Women with smaller vaginal canals would be recommended to use the S sized cup, and women with a larger vaginal canal should use a L sized cup.

Women who have given birth, regardless of birth procedure, should use a size L.

The vaginal muscles change with age and pregnancy. The loss of elasticity and tone in the vaginal muscles become more apparent with age. If you have been diagnosed with any pelvic floor deficiencies a L cup should be used.

In order to maintain pelvic strength kegel exercises and Pilates are recommended as beneficial exercises.

If you are a virgin you should use size S, please consult your GP should you have any concerns regarding your hymen.

Always Ultra (normal) - 10s

Always Ultra (normal) – 10s


As the saying goes: ‘Always is always the best”! This 10-pack of super-soft sanitary pads
are dermatologically-tested for your peace of mind. Absorbent micro-pillow technology
boosts your confidence so you can focus on what matters. Enjoy super absorbent, 100%
leakage protection, and an advanced Dri-Weave top layer that gently yet powerfully guides
liquid away from your skin for all-day freshness.

Kotex Ultra Thin Pads  (normal) - 10s

Kotex Ultra Thin Pads  (normal) – 10s


King Online is fully equipped to serve South Africa Queens too. Our Kotex Designer Maxi
Pads offer unrivalled protection and comfort, and fit like a glove. A unique 2-in-1 microfunnel
absorption cover draws fluid away from the body, leaving you feeling fresh and dry
24/7. Soft, functional wings keep everything in place while preventing uncomfortable skin

Lil-lets Tampons  (regular) - 16s

Lil-lets Tampons  (regular) – 16s


Lil-Let’s is truly the KING of tampons; holding the crown as SA’s number one tampon. King
Online stocks Lil-lets Smartfit™ tampons; specifically designed to expand to your unique,
natural shape. Available for regular to heavy flow, these tampons provide uncompromised
protection when and where you need it – offering quality you can always trust and rely on.